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Welcome to NET1 Mobile Solutions
Net1 Mobile Solutions offers an array of products and services that cater for the needs of the global market. Our areas of expertise are numerous, and span across banking, mobile, prepaid vending, security and many other industries.

Each of our eight specialised business lines offers world-class solutions to address current and future needs of our business partners and clients, while maintaining a level of unparalleled quality and distinction. Read more

Latest Updates
Our Manje services (currently servicing over 1 million subscribers) has processed in excess of 173,000 transactions per hour. This translates to approximately 65 transactions per second, highlighting both the demand for our services as well as the exceptional capability of our platforms.
After an amazing pilot to a small group of TNM subscribers, our Advance Airtime credit service Pasavute has finally be opened to all TNM subscribers in Malawi, read more here http://bit.ly/N1MS_Launches_Pasavute
PayinPrivate sparks huge interest in the USA as it’s innovative offering become notably relevant in a market embroiled in fraud, read more here http://on.wsj.com/1fG72nE or http://on.mktw.net/MMutyy
Pasavute, our latest implementation of Advance Airtime technology in partnership with TNM, has already starting making waves across Malawi! Now Malawians can borrow airtime credit anywhere, anytime, right on their mobile phone!
Net1 Mobile Solutions enhances security and anonymity with Pay in Private! Our third MVC program in the United States has launched!
Net1 Mobile Solutions creates over 1,000 Virtual Cards for Nokia and Microsoft in December 2013! These have given developers across India, Egypt and Nigeria the ability to publish apps via Microsoft’s app portal!
Our first MVC implementation in India is ready for launch in February 2014! Soon millions of Indians will have access to advanced financial freedom thanks to Net1 Mobile Solutions in partnership with Axis Bank!
Net1 Mobile Solutions kicks off 2014 with orders for over 10 million SIM cards from Smart Communications and MTN Group!
Net1 Mobile Solutions kicks off a new Mega Promo with Econet Zimbabwe! Merry Christmas to all the lucky players competing for a chance to win huge cash prizes!
Net1 Mobile Solutions activates USSD systems powered by VTU technology in Mozambique! These new systems will allow over 20,000 scratch card vendors to now distribute their products across the country!
Following a phenomenal 15 weeks of SMS Mega Promotion action, Net1 Mobile Solutions; Rok-A-Vivo campaign run in partnership with Orange Botswana ended off on a high! Over the course of the campaign, tens of thousands of players submitted millions of entries to win weekly cash bundles, 14 VW Polo Vivo cars and a grand prize VW Amarok!
Tusk Recharge in Namibia, powered by Net1 Mobile Solutions’ VTU technology, has experienced a new record vending month,processing a mind-blowing 59,217 transactions!
The social network scene was on fire this month! Both Jola and Chomi experiencing record numbers with Vodafone live and BIZA!
Net1 and EasyPay sponsor a Pro-Am Golf Day In the interest of raising funds for the Police Rugby Club!
The new MyAccount service has been launched by Net1 Mobile Solutions! An easy and cost-effective means to access account information, MyAccount is already on its way to success!
Net1 Mobile Solutions wins the TNM Malawi Advance Airtime tender in conjunction with SupaPesa! To further expansion throughout Africa!
Net1 Mobile Solutions’ partner company MarkitShare has been selected as one of the eight startup finalists in Byte Orbit’s Startup Knight Competition!
Net1 Mobile Solutions would like to encourage the support of Susan Holmes and the Quad Para Association of South Africa in their intent to sponsor 1,000 prototype wheelchairs! Read more at the link: http://www.blog.fnb.co.za/ideas-can-help/view-idea/?id=3492
Tusk Mobile Recharge has started vending in the area covered by Cenored, a Namibian service provider dealing with the Otjozondjupa and Kunene regions. This is only the start as the team in Namibia are hard at work ensuring the continued growth and scale of the Tusk Mobile Recharge network.
The Medscheme Broker app by Net1 Mobile Solutions is now available on iOS and Android, offering a unique customer experience through the Medscheme Intermediary Application!
Business Line Overview
As Net1 Mobile Solutions is the combination of various leading innovations and solutions, our diverse product offering can be consolidated into eight main business lines, including:
Our Banking business line offers tailor-made products and services including our patented U.E.P.S. technology. Our offerings conform to international standards including EMV, allowing global compatibility.
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MVC & Verification
Mobile Virtual Card technology is a market leading innovation. It is the easiest, most secure and most convenient way to pay for goods and services directly from a mobile phone.
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Prepaid (Virtual Vending)
The Prepaid business line handles multichannel distribution of products and services aimed at a variety of markets. Certain international installations handle in excess of 100 million monthly transactions.
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MNO Solutions
We are specialist providers of solutions targeting Mobile Network Operators that boost ARPU, increase subscriber activity, and collect valuable profiling data.
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3rd Party Payments
Through our subsidiary FIHRST we are the largest provider of third party and payroll associated payments in South Africa, servicing over 1,250 employee groups that represent more than 850,000 employees.
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Chip & SIM Card
Partnerships with Mobile Network Operators as well as Card and Semiconductor manufacturers allow us to provide a strong line-up of feature rich chip and SIM solutions.
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Our Cryptography business line focusses on security-orientated products which include our range of PIN encryption devices, card acceptance modules and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).
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Custom Development
The Custom Development business line features an award-winning team which produces solutions that span across Web, Mobile, Server, POS and Desktop environments.
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Clients and Partners
Net1 Mobile Solutions works with clients and partners, often market leaders, who exhibit exceptional qualities that line up with our goals and visions, including:
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